International Real Estate Investors | Chicago, IL – Tampa, FL

Our Company

Gamla Cedron Group is a key player in real estate investing in America, currently focusing in the Southeastern and Midwestern markets with first-class multi-family housing and commercial/office properties. By acquiring, developing and investing in distressed, fractured and bulk condos and commercial/office buildings, Gamla Cedron is creating a stable portfolio of successful income-producing properties.

Gamla Cedron is the U.S. branch of Gamla Millennium Investments, Ltd., an Israeli conglomerate with large-scale investments in real estate initiatives around the world. As a privately-held real estate investments company, Gamla Cedron Group has a rich history of successful investments led by a team of some of the industry’s most experienced real estate specialists.

As of 2014, the Gamla Cedron Group has invested million of dollars, leveraging its excellent track record with financial institutions to directly acquire distressed properties in expanding markets. In this way, Gamla Cedron has accumulated six bulk condominium properties in Florida, totaling more than 900 units of Class A garden-style multifamily communities. Additionally, Gamla Cedron has made an entrance into the real estate market in Chicago, purchasing three office buildings and two bulk condominiums in luxury buildings with prime locations in the city’s central business and cultural districts, namely the popular River North neighborhood. As with the Florida properties, all acquisitions of distressed properties in Chicago were accomplished by utilizing Gamla Cedron’s unique relationships with financial institutions for direct purchasing power.


Our History

In June 2008, Gamla Cedron was formed by founder and President, Shaoul Mishal with Roselet Trust (Cedron Group) and Mr. Ephraim Shpitalni, chairman and CEO and the main shareholder of Gamla Millinnium Investments, Ltd. The primary goal of the group is to create a stable portfolio of income-producing properties with a specific focus on multifamily properties, which have the ability and potential for retail sell-out as condos as market conditions improve.

Gamla Cedron has been the number one bulk purchaser of condo units in Tampa over the last several years. Gamla Cedron primarily focuses on Class A multifamily garden-style acquisitions and is currently in active negotiations to purchase additional units. In addition to the purchase of bulk units, Gamla Cedron is aggressively pursuing the re-purchase of units within their communities from individual investors and lenders.