International Real Estate Investors | Chicago, IL – Tampa, FL

Gamla Cedron Group is led by a team of industry professionals, with a combined total of over 75 years of experience in real estate investing and management.


Shaoul MishalShaoul Mishal

President / Founder

Shaoul Mishal has nearly 20 years of experience within the international real estate industry, including 6 years of practice as a senior commercial real estate attorney and 10 years holding senior positions in the international real estate conglomerate of the Tshuva and Elad Group.

Mr. Mishal was the Founder and CEO of the Elad Group Florida (now Elad National Properties) based in Florida, USA, and the private arm of the Tshuva Group in the Southeast coast of the United States. In 2004, Mr. Mishal undertook investigations on behalf of the Tshuva Group with the aim of identifying high growth potential real estate investments, particularly in the residential sector, in the Florida area. Within a short time, he made extensive purchases leveraging funds through local banks and within 18 months the company had grown from zero to holding a portfolio valued over $1.5 billion in over ten states across the nation.


Paula De La Salas

Director of Operations

Paula De La Salas’ 15 years of experience in the real estate industry allows her to contribute an innovative spirit and creative approach to Gamla Cedron’s team. Her industry experience ranges from sales and marketing to business operations and property management.

Mrs. De La Salas’ property management experience includes multimillion dollar properties such as The Edgewater on South Beach. As Property Manager, she managed The Edgwater’s residential and commercial assets over several years, including overseeing its transition in 2010 from condominium to a 4-star hotel.

Mrs. De La Salas received her Master’s degree in Business Administration from Florida International University. She also received a dual bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and International Business from Florida International University.